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Our Culture
We're anything but dry.
We supply and Install drywall!- That’s what we do and that’s fine; but that doesn’t define us as a company. What sets us apart is that we love what we do and we take pride in it. We care a great bunch about what we do (our biz), who we’re doing it for (you, our client) and who we’re doing it with (Yes, our Peeps); we only make promises we know we can keep. And that trickles down to a dedicated team and fun work environment. Oh yeah; we also do insulation, acoustical ceilings and all that good stuff…
We understand that our success depends entirely on our contribution to the success of our clients’ projects..; And we don’t take it lightly! That’s why we recruit supervisors whose knowledge and experience spans far beyond the drywall scope of work. We understand our clients constraints and as such, we always ensure proper coordination and productive cooperation with other sub-trades and when it comes down to it, if it means we have to be the first ones on site and last ones to leave, then that’s what we do! And that’s what earns us repeat business.


“Allied Contractors is forward thinking and schedule minded.” – Carla Whitehead, Project Manager – Clark Builders
As per my present experience with Allied Contractors at the Red Deer Assisted Living Facility by Covenant Health, I find them to be professional and efficient in both the office and site work. Allied Contractors is forward thinking and schedule minded. I would not hesitate to work with them on future projects.


“We have been very pleased.” – Clayton Cameron, Operations Manager – Cameron and Associates
We have been very pleased with their professionalism to their work and are happy when they are the successful bidder on our projects as we know that the drywall scope of work will not cause undue time delays or extra costs due to mismanagement.


“Chandos is pleased to be working with Allied.” – Oliver Dees, Project Manager – Chandos Construction
Allied Contractors is currently providing the steel stud, drywall, taping and stipple ceiling scope of work for the Tribecca Condo’s with Chandos Construction. Allied has performed their work to date in a professional manner and to the standards of quality and safety expected by Chandos. Chandos is pleased to be working with Allied Contractors and wishes to continue our working relations and have them bid on future upcoming projects.

Our Peeps
We can’t change the drywall industry..; But that doesn’t mean we can’t stand out within it! Over and above our skills and experience, we believe our greatest attribute is our attitude. We love our business, we love and have fun at what we do and we prove it every day. Ultimately, we’re not oblivious to how the drywall trade is generally perceived out in the industry, it is rough and it is tough but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We show our people the recognition they earned on a daily basis and create opportunities for advancement for them, and that’s why we’re confident when we make our clients a promise, we know how boys are gonna have our backs and come through…


Martin Langlois – General Manager- Director

A dad, husband, good friend, a thinker, a simple man, not that smart really..; 6 foot tall, an eager student, a doer …
Is not:
As good looking as the other two; In a hurry anymore., a critic.
High school graduate, College dropout; Master Carpenter at 20; born entrepreneur; quit his last “job” at 23; created multiple companies, founder and acting president of Luxe Developments since 2003, Has no intentions to ever complete his college degree. His Mom is still talking to him.






Sebastien Couture- Assistant Field Operations Manager, Director

A son, a brother, a hard worker, a Hockey player, Bald, a beach chaser, a sniper, positive, focused, driven, a wannabe surfer, smarter than he looks… ☺, a doer.
Is not:
Unfair, Misleading, a critic.
High school graduate; Received a degree in refrigeration.., that idea cooled off in a hurry. Moved West and started dry walling at 21 to eventually found Allied Contractors in 2010. He hasn’t borrowed money from his parents since.


Gabriel Ouellette- Chief Estimator, Director

A son, a brother, a hard worker, a Hockey player, Bald, a beach chaser, a sniper, positive, focused, driven, grounded, smarter than he looks… ☺, a doer.
Is not:
Mouthy, gullible, a critic.
High school graduate; Received a degree in civil engineering. Survey said “that ain’t for me”; Moved West to join Sebastien in his quest and co-founded Allied; He makes sure Sebastien’s taxes are filed on time.


Meet the rest of the Peeps:

Ian Conn – Controller
Emily Robertson – Accountant
Lianne Sabourin – Accounting Clerk
Tiana Hanssen – HR Manager
Zoe Taylor – Office Administrator
Monique Bonsee-Langlois – Office Manager
Ralph Buisine – Operations Manager
Andrew Dalton – Project Administrator
Alex Cambareri – Project Coordinator
Allan Mathews – Sr Project Manager
Kory Taylor, Jamie Oliver – Project Manager
Noel J., Jonathan H., Adnan H., Max V., Alex G., Simon V, Ben M., Ahmed H. – Field Supervisors
Mike Vandale – Service & Warranty
Frank Cyr – Procurement Manager
And all of our awesome tradesmen and tradeswomen!- List is too long, website budget was too low.

Safety is our ally.
Working hard and having fun doesn’t make us unconscious to life safety “au contraire” friends… We want to do this for a very long time and in order to do that, we need to make sure we stay healthy and wise. We’re proud to be COR certified and proactive in consistently making sure that our “knowing” is at par with our “doing” when it comes down to site safety procedures. Our workers are the foundation of our business, but most importantly, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. It is important for us that they show up to work in the morning but even more so that they go home at night…
Our Work
Heather Ridge Estates
Covenant Health
It's not a job. With Allied,
it's a career move.
Come and Join Us! Allied has set out to build a team of experienced go getters, responsible individuals who are looking for an opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. We do that through providing fair wages, benefits, profit sharing program and as importantly, creating an unmatched work environment experience. We’re proud of our growing team and would love for you to join us.
Here we are.
Come and get us.

Head Office

Phone: 403-243-3311
Address: Bay 26, 7003 30th Street SE, Calgary, AB

Specific requests:

GM- Martin Langlois
Estimating- Gabriel Ouellette
Field Operations- Sebastien Couture
Billing- Emily Robertson

Project Locations